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The RTT protocol and how you benefit from joining our community.

DEFY News Network

RTT has released a news channel called DEFY News Network. This operates on the blockchain meaning it is immune to the censorship we all too often experience in everyday life. DEFY News Network is only accessible to those holding RTT. Holders need to connect their wallet to the site to verify their holdings. The Alpha site features the latest RTT and world news, and also acts as an educational and informative platform teaching people about politics and crypto. People without RTT in their wallet will not be able to actively contribute to the site.

DEFY News Network: news.restoretruthtoken.com

Web 3 for WE the People

WE3 is a solution within our ecosystem that gives content creators, media hosts and the general public complete protection from big tech. With WE3 and Open Access, users can make their content more decentralized and easily accessible by all. No more fear of censorship as many of the products work with distributed technologies.

RTT - Restore Truth Token - WE3
RTT - Restore Truth Token - OpenCanvas

OpenCanvas platform

The NFT marketplace to buy, sell, mint NFTs. OpenCanvas will help lead WE3 and the Open Access system. Currently the site is receiving updates on the back-end for better user experience, but also for what is to come with OpenCanvas.

OpenMic: Platform where any person, content creator, podcaster, or radio personality can easily save their audio recordings via distributed technologies, preserving history and protecting from censorship.

OpenVision: Platform allowing any person or content creator to save their video content in a decentralized manor, again preserving history and protection from censorship.

OpenCanvas Lite: NFT creation site, great for on the go minting of NFTs. Users will have custom features in an easy to use lightweight site.

OpenAccess: Live streaming service for content creators, presenters etc. This will include live data feeds to users that have purchased an access pass to view a stream. End users will access a WE3 portal to view the content.

MEME 3: Decentralized meme creation site where you can share your favorite meme, without the fear of big tech censoring the content.

Enter OpenCanvas

RTT Nation

RTT Nation is an independent show bringing you up-to-date RTT information, interviews, and uncensored news. The show was a response to a community need. A community of fellow Americans and others from all around the world who are invested in America First ideals. It started as a live show on Telegram dedicated to RTT and its community. In just three months it transformed into its own life force fully dedicated to RTT, world news, and figuring out the TRUTH about what is really going on. 

Follow the show on: YouTubeRumbleTwitter, or email Chuck.

RTT Merchandise

Merchandise site where RTT, OpenCanvas, and WE3 products can be purchased. Integrations will continue into Q3 when RTT payments will be introduced.

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