RTT Token

Restore Truth Token partner with Active World Club

RTT (Restore Truth Token) is delighted to announce our partnership with Active World Club (AWC). Over the past few months we have been in communication with AWC and are excited to announce a working relationship beginning shortly.

The AWC ecosystem is broad, allowing RTT users access to great features, and exposure through other AWC partners. One of the many benefits we’ll soon see is RTT listing on the AWC exchange.

The exchange not only allows users access to several tokens/coins which can be traded but also gives RTT vital exposure to other AWC customers. With continued efforts, AWC are ever improving the exchange flow and are making it more seamless than ever to access crypto.

There will be newspaper features specifically about RTT and distributed to 10,250 daily and weekly newspapers, news, and wire services through the collaboration. We will also be given access to AWC Internet media and radio partners.

The Internet media will give us exposure to many forms of media. These forms include search engine optimization, email marketing, Internet advertising, viral marketing and other services.

The radio feature will be nationally syndicated radio features specifically about RTT. Our scripts will be reviewed by radio professionals and sent to over 6,000 radio stations around the country.

RTT will be accepted for the following, The Madhatter mystery box and Madhatter sports. Mad Hatter Mystery Box (MHMB) is an entertainment app created by Active World Club. MHMB utilizes a proprietary randomizer, which allows players who have purchased one of the mystery packages to win NFTs, crypto, or physical products such as luxury watches, event tickets, vacations, or the like. Mad Hatter Sports is an Active World Club (AWC) members only P2P betting app. They offer over 100 tokens that can be used to make sports bets with other AWC members. All bets are head to head (Win/Loss) with no odds or points.