RTT Token

RTT: A Year In Review

As the curtain closes on what’s been an incredibly busy year of constant activity within the RTT community, let’s look back at some of the feats we’ve achieved, and look forward to what’s yet to come too. It’s difficult to include everything, but here’s some or our highlights.  

June 2021, RTT launches in the BSC space as the first political focused crypto and immediately reaches a $17m market cap.  

July 2021, RTT announces multiple partners within the Conservative movement. The RTT team quickly realize the severity of what’s in front of us, and dive into the challenges of what it takes to turn a ‘memecoin’ into a company that complies with all electoral and federal laws within the US.  

August 2021, the RTT team are heads down preparing for a relaunch to RTTv2. Following legal consultation we realized that areas of the old contract were not in compliance with federal laws. In addition to this, the contract had been renounced. We needed ownership back!  

September 2021, RTTv2 launches and quickly x7 to a $14m market cap. Work was now well underway with legal partners to create the RTT entity, which would later become the Crypto Foundation of America, LLC.  

Our DJT NFT collection went live! The DJT NFTs can be minted here: OpenCanvas.app and give holders rewards in RTT and access to DEFY News Network for three years.  

October and November, 2021, John Ward agrees to become RTT CEO. Through this period we knew we needed to create PACs in order to donate towards Trump endorsed candidates. We then needed to interview and retain our legal representation. We ended up approaching one of the best campaign finance legal minds in the country who assisted with setting up our PACs.  

RTT supports the Wounded Warrior Project on Veteran’s Day.  

December 2021, having consulted Trump supporting political figures and businessmen, it become obvious that a rebrand was required. The ground work for Restore Truth Token began.  

January 2022, we were finalizing everything surrounding the rebrand and creating a roadmap and business that focused on something extremely important. Fighting censorship. We also launched our NFT marketplace, OpenCanvas. The site which is undergoing maintenance, allows users to mint, trade, and buy NFTs with ease.  

February 2022, Restore Truth Token official becomes a reality and opens the door to all sort of avenues that were previously shut due to our name.  

March 2022, along with ongoing development, RTT built a relationship with Max Miller. Max was Donald Trump’s Lead Advance whilst he was in the White House. Max has invited RTT to multiple events with more planned in the future.  

RTT supports Make America Great Again, Again.  

April 2022, the announcement that three PACs have been created. All with FEC approval. This is unheard of in the crypto space. In addition to this RTT attend the Save America rally in the VIP section hosted by President Trump.  

RTT supports Chris Castelli for Congress. Chris is a great patriot and opens a lot of doors for RTT in the political world.  

May 2022, DEFY News Network is released. This is RTT’s uncancellable news aggregation service. Access can be gained by holding RTT, a DJT NFT, or by purchasing a monthly pass. On 30 May, we began running paid ads on 77WABC Talkradio. These will run weekdays for the foreseeable future.  

Now, and in the future… there’s a lot going on in the background that goes unseen by most. The RTT team has been working on something that is still a while away for the past three months. In addition to this, we’ll see our OpenMic product go live in the near future. We have a catalogue of podcasters and musicians ready to take advantage of the platform to ensure its success. Plus, the team are in talks with highly influential partners. We’ll see what comes of that. There’s a lot of other work that’s going on that we’re currently unable to share details of, but will do at the earliest opportunity.  

The aim of making RTT the biggest token to come out of BSC is going to slowly become a reality. We’re sure of it.  

We’re confident that the next year of RTT’s life will be even better than the last as we continue to grow and develop our utilities. There’s a lot to look forward to, and we’ve not even mentioned the inevitable red wave in November.  

Finally a thank you to our team of Moderators for their time and commitment to the project. They’ve been excellent and continue to be a huge help to us.  

Thank you for your support, we look forward to you sticking with us as the journey continues.  

Other notable actions:

  • Buzz Paterson joins the RTT social media team.
  • Today is America join as partners.
  • Beard Vet supports RTT.
  • Staking is released for RTT and DJT NFTs.
  • Meme Monday and countless giveaways.
  • RTT’s $30k giveaway – which is still live.
  • Newsmax writes a story on RTT.
  • Bitmart exchange trades RTT.
  • RTT News Forum which launched as a stopgap before DEFY went live.
  • Bridge to Ethereum, and we’ll be bridging elsewhere soon.
  • Multiple AMAs.
  • RTT Nation updates and videos.
  • RTT joins the Flooz community.