RTT Token

RTT is excited to announce a new Staking platform partnership

RTT is excited to announce a new Staking platform partnership

With the current staking pools expiring around 11:00 P.M. CST on Wednesday April 13, there will be two new pools going live Thursday April 14 on Stake8.app.

Users will need to withdraw their tokens and restake them on Thursday, or at a time convenient to them. Stake8 is an exciting new staking platform that aims its focus on staking, community building and exposure.

The benefits for current RTT holders are more exposure to other projects that are also staking on the platform, community rewards to stakers, and more flexibility for farming options. Stake8 will not only offer staking to BSC projects, but will be chain agnostic allowing projects from chains such as Avax, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos and others.

For RTT tokens Holders: Please ensure you have enough BNB in your wallet to cover gas fees. There are no other fees associated with staking/unstaking. Visit the current staking site https://rttstaking.netlify.app/ to withdraw your tokens when the pool unlocks (please note, on the top left you will need to click on the “Finished” tab)

Visit https://stake8.app/ and choose the RTT pool of your choice, 60 day or 90 day The new pools will be live mid-morning Thursday and you will have to connect your wallet to the site, approve and then stake. Please be patient as this transaction can take up to a minute.