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RTT Supports Max Miller for Congress

RTT is proud to be supporting the formidable Max Miller for Congress in Ohio’s 13th district

Max Miller served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and on the White House staff as a Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump.

Growing up in Ohio, Max saw first-hand the havoc wreaked on middle America’s middle-class by politicians who abandoned them in favor of cheap, exploitative foreign labor.  He watched the government enable big corporations to sell addictive drugs to struggling people who didn’t need them or know their risks.  Max also shares the frustration that Northeast Ohioans have with Congress failing to do the people’s work while it instead spends time playing virtue-signaling political games.

The people want steel-spined leaders that stand up to all who would take advantage of them – whether foreign adversaries, domestic profiteers, or anti-American ideologues.  Max is running for Congress to stand up for the people of Ohio’s 13th District and represent their interests in Washington.  Unbending and straightforward, Max Miller will be their champion.

A Cleveland native, Max earned his Bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University.  He serves on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

Max and RTT are very well aligned on a number of issues. Max wants to advance the American First Agenda, defend the 2nd Amendment and the Bill of Rights, combat big tech censorship, and safeguard our elections. He will fight to stop illegal immigration, restart construction of the southern border wall, and strongly oppose amnesty. Max also wants to ban Critical Race Theory across the United States and stop all forms of anti-American indoctrination of our school children.

Max believes Congress should protect and prioritize American jobs with the same kinds of America First trade deals that President Trump fought for and won but are now being undone by the Biden Administration and Nancy Pelosi.

Max will fight the runaway government spending in Congress that the Biden administration has already started with their 1.9 trillion-dollar COVID relief package, which spent only 1% on COVID-19. That includes opposing Biden’s proposed multi-trillion dollar “infrastructure” package that will require tax increases and giveaways billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to liberal special interest groups and causes.

Max stands for law and order and opposes radical and dangerous ideologies like the so-called “defund the police” movement.

As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps Reserve, Max supports American military preeminence to ensure peace through strength and believes that Congress must prioritize taking care of America’s veterans.

He demands that Congress stand up to America’s enemies, like the Chinese Communist Party and Hezbollah, and urge support for our allies, such as Israel. As a Jewish-American himself, Max will fight the anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar in Congress and demand that their enablers like Nancy Pelosi hold them accountable.

Max will also fight to drain the swamp. He supports term limits for members of Congress and wants to close the revolving door between legislators and lobbyists.

You can support Max here.