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Our Vision



In today’s society we experience overwhelming overreach by government and big tech companies doing things like labeling comments as disinformation, blocking content, and even stopping the sitting President of the United States from accessing his accounts on social media.

Every day we see people across the world being shunned for having a voice or opinion. Plain and simple, if big tech is met with any opposition, they will do what they can to stop you from accessing your rights or expressing your choices. This is where the people can choose to make a change. RTT started with a goal, a grassroots movement to help ensure people with similar core values are elected into office. But, that is only a small part of our mission.

RTT Restore Truth Token - Introduction
RTT - Restore Truth Token - The Mission

The Mission

Everyday content creators, radio hosts, TV hosts and most importantly the people, are faced with censorship. What if there was a way to combat this? What if there was no central controlling body that doesn’t like the fact that you have a concern and want to voice your worries?

We’re all aware of the buzz around web3, but what is it? Simply put, it’s the next step in the internet era that gives control to the people.

We have all heard about NFTs, and many simply think they’re a digital art piece, however, they can be so much more than that. The downside to many NFTs is that their functionality is to serve as just an image. Now, there is nothing wrong with that but we can do better.

Q2-Q3 2022

Roadmap to Success​

WE3 is a solution within our ecosystem that gives content creators, media hosts and the general public complete protection from big tech. With WE3 and Open Access, users can make their content more decentralized and easily accessible by all. No more fear of censorship as many of the products work with distributed technologies.

Hosts a landing page where RTT is discovered and a synopsis of what the project is about. This is where the RTT journey begins.

Users will be able to read about RTT, various causes supported, and recent events. Along with the aforementioned, there will be active links that go into the WE3 Learn to Earn modules that help teach everyday consumers the benefit of distributed technologies, safety considerations, and political learning courses to help understand the importance of real world voting.

The RTT referral system gives users the opportunity to earn crypto based on the referrals that they make. Existing holders will be paid referral rewards should they refer another user to the site who then becomes an RTT holder.

DEFY News Network is an uncensored news aggregator that provides news articles from all around the world, including our very own informative stories. Using decentralized protocols, DEFY delivers stories that cannot be censored and will forever live on the blockchain. DEFY has three levels of subscription available to customers, basic access, intermediate access, and premium access.

  • 45,000 RTT: Basic access to RTT and World News.
  • Intermediate: Mint the 30 day pass and hold it in your wallet. Access RTT News and thousands of news sources from around the world, filter your favorite categories, and take advantage of our search function.
  • Premium: Hold a DJT NFT in your wallet and get access for 36 months. Access RTT News and thousands of news sources from around the world, filter your favorite categories, and take advantage of our search function.

Visit DEFY NOW: www.defynewsnetwork.com

Merchandise site where RTT, OpenCanvas, and WE3 products can be purchased. Integrations will continue into Q3 when RTT payments will be introduced.

With the challenges that we face with the 1776 tokens, Holders will be issued a limited edition 1776 NFT to replace the current 1776 token. Holders of either NFT will have exclusive access to WE3 and Open Access solutions, starting with a 36 month Premium package to Defy News for DJT holders.

The WE3 DAO will be the governance protocol that operates RTT and OpenCanvas. There will be two types of proposals, Core proposal (RTT team) and THE PEOPLE proposals. This will be crucial in governing the various platforms. RTT token holders that stake their tokens for voting rights will be rewarded via platform revenues. This gives the people the voice to be heard. Examples will be voting for donations, moderators, governance for flagged content.

The NFT marketplace to buy, sell, mint NFTs. OpenCanvas will help lead WE3 and the Open Access system. Currently the site is receiving updates on the back-end for better user experience, but also for what is to come with OpenCanvas.

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One of the hardest things in crypto is teaching new users how to setup a wallet, acquire crypto and begin their adventure in the defi world. The ultimate solution is closer than you think with a little magic. The ability to generate a wallet via email, with integrated credit card purchases. This will bring the ease of entering the space to anyone and everyone. With some third party integration we are bringing this solution to fruition.

The all in one place that will allow users an easy to use dapp where they can view current events, view charts, and also make purchases. Beta version to be released on iOS late Q3-Q4.

As we continue to expand, we will not only continue our presence on social media making great partnerships, we will also be leveraging our current relations with media personalities, content creators, digital ad space, and an exciting partnership with a high volume dex with over 1.5 million users per month. This will open the doors to their audience but also features they provide.

Not only are current products supported on Ethereum and the Binance Smartchain, but we will soon be live on Avalanche. Avalanche offers the great features of Ethereum and Smartchain, with the added benefit of being available on Coinbase. Many of the above mentioned products will be live on Avalanche, with RTT being available on all three chains.

As we continue to move forward, we will be putting emphasis with expanding features such as decentralized site backups, decentralized redundant hosting, and other means to protect the platforms from big tech tyrants.

With these advancements coupled with current products and partnerships, we are bringing the power of free speech and censorship to the people, content creators, and ultimately supporting the people in office, all with distributed technologies.