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Wounded Warrior Project

The RTT team is proud to announce that we donated towards the Wounded Warrior Project on Veteran’s Day 2021, an organization that supports, and rehabilitates, our incredible troops and their families. You can read more about the great work the organization does here.

It was important to us to ensure our first donation went towards our brave and deserving Veterans on Veterans Day.

Our tokenomics allow us to allocate funds from each transaction on the blockchain to charity. This donation is the very start of us fulfilling our promise to put America First.

RTT - Restore Truth Token - RTT Supports Max Miller​

RTT Supports Max Miller

RTT is proud to be supporting the formidable Max Miller for Congress in Ohio’s 13th district

Max Miller served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and on the White House staff as a Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump.

Max and RTT are very well aligned on a number of issues. Max wants to advance the American First Agenda, defend the 2nd Amendment and the Bill of Rights, combat big tech censorship, and safeguard our elections. He will fight to stop illegal immigration, restart construction of the southern border wall, and strongly oppose amnesty. Max also wants to ban Critical Race Theory across the United States and stop all forms of anti-American indoctrination of our school children.

Max will also fight to drain the swamp. He supports term limits for members of Congress and wants to close the revolving door between legislators and lobbyists.

You can support Max here.